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We Work On Residential and Commercial Projects…

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We Work On Residential and Commercial Projects…

As a company both in person and on social media, we regularly get asked about the types of projects that we work on, and it is often one of the hardest questions to answer. Here at Vinco, we work on a wide range of projects, from multi-plot, new-build home sites to residential window replacements; we really are your go-to for everything windows and doors.

Residential Projects



One of the key types of projects that we work on here at Vinco is residential, or otherwise known as domestic projects. Simply put, a residential project is usually a project involving a client’s home. From home renovations, window replacements, and just general window upgrades, we work on a wide variety of residential projects.


We love seeing the transformations of projects over time! Whether that is installing new windows to a client’s home or working on an extension, the difference we make and the positive feedback we receive is always a highlight for us here at Vinco.

Commercial Projects



Another key type of project that we work on here at Vinco is commercial projects. Commercial projects are usually industrial buildings, such as ‘Care Homes’ and ‘Churches,’ etc.

We also work on Commercial Residential projects, which are ‘New Build Home Sites.’ The photo above is from our site over in Beeston (Nottinghamshire) with MyPad.

We are extremely lucky to work with some fantastic companies on our commercial projects and we look forward to carrying on our relationships into the future.



The photo above is of a commercial project that we worked on in Nottinghamshire. ‘Aries Motors’ is an electric bike shop located in East Bridgford and showcases our wide range of aluminum products.

We have over 25 years experience working on both residential and commercial projects.

At Vinco, we provide our customers with a comprehensive level of detail and advice to ensure all specifications are adhered to and that compliance is always achieved.

If you are looking for support on your project or impartial advice, be sure to make contact with a member of our friendly team!

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