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Should Alu-Clad Windows be included on your next project?

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Should Alu-Clad Windows be included on your next project?

Why Alu-Clad windows should be included in your next Project!

Durable, Naturally Thermally Efficient, Aesthetically Pleasing and Low Maintenance are just a few reasons why Alu-Clad Windows are a must for your next project.


What are Alu-Clad Windows?

Fundamentally speaking, our Alu-Clad windows are made up of an engineered timber frame with an aluminium overlay. Alu-Clad windows were originally designed to improve the life span of timber windows and were most prevalent in Scandinavia.

In more recent times, Alu-Clad windows have become a more familiar solution to both domestic and commercial markets in the UK. This further shows the advantages of using natural materials and as well as this, the enhancement brought to the thermal characteristics of the products.

Benefits of Alu-Clad Windows!

1. Maintenance Free

Whilst we spend most of our time looking out of windows, timber is mostly selected for its natural beauty. With maintenance being a higher consideration, traditional timber windows (despite the advancement of specialised breathable coatings) will ultimately require future maintenance over a number of years. Alu-Clad windows however are virtually maintenance-free. The timber is protected from all the elements by an initial breathable paint and then the strong, powder-coated aluminium remains external, which only needs to be kept clean.

2. Sustainability and Thermal Efficiency

With the cost-of-living conversation showing no sign of stopping, Alu-Clad windows could be good for your pocket as well as your aesthetic. Alu-Clad windows are extremely environmentally friendly with timber being sourced from FSC-managed supply chains. Compared to all aluminium solutions, you are getting improved thermal efficiency which could contribute to a reduction in your heating bills and CO2 emissions.

3. Cost Effective

When looking to specify or select a higher-performing product, Alu-Clad is a natural choice. An alternative modern aluminium window would need to be triple-glazed to reach that of a standard double-glazed system in most cases. With the further opportunity to then select triple glazing in an Alu-Clad frame, the savings can be quite considerable, not only in the products but with the ongoing benefits to energy bills.

With the cost-of-living talk going nowhere fast Alu-Clad could be the perfect cost-effective alternative to the aluminium that you need for your project.

4. Secure

Our Alu-Clad windows and doors are tested to the latest requirements of PAS 24 for enhanced security.

5. Wide selection of solutions

Vinco offers outward-opening flush casement windows, inward-opening tilt and turn windows and doors, entrance doors and Lift and slide doors that can be made up to outstanding sizes. Standard timber is engineered softwood but with an option for Oak.

Alu-Clad in action!

These are just a few reasons why we believe Alu-Clad could be the solution for your next project!

We look forward to assisting you with your projects.

Warm regards,

Vinco Windows Team

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