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Engineered Timber Windows and Doors

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Engineered Timber Windows and Doors

Engineered Timber Windows and Doors…

Vinco Windows Group presents an in depth look into Engineered Timber Windows and Doors…

Engineered Timber Windows

Engineered timber windows, also known as timber composite windows or timber-aluminium windows, are a type of window that combines the natural beauty and warmth of timber with the durability and low maintenance of modern materials. They are a popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.



Engineered timber windows are available with a variety of different hinge, handle, fastener and restrictor options which further adds to the customisation element of the window.


Engineered Timber Doors

Engineered timber doors, also referred to as timber composite doors, are a popular choice in the UK for their blend of natural beauty, strength, and durability.

These doors combine the aesthetic appeal of timber with the enhanced stability and performance provided by engineered construction.



Engineered timber doors also have a wide variety of hardware options including ‘Fasteners, Restrictors, Handles and Locking Mechanisms.


Key Features

Engineered timber for stability and strength

Timber choices of Redwood, Sipo or Oak

Full factory finishes to a huge selection of stains, paints, oils

Factory fitted double or triple glazing

Testing to high security standards

10 years guarantee against manufacturing defects

We look forward to assisting you with your projects.

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