Timber lift and slide window solution designed around project requirements

Snape Maltings is a renowned project within the architectural community that was completed in 1999.

My father and I (John Simpson) were invited by Penoyre & Prasad to work on the glazing requirements for the main Cafe and Restaurant public areas.

The architectural design concept called for large “stretched” glazed units to form a strip of continuous clerestory glazing. The obstacle was drawn back to the requirement for operable ventilation at such widths and spans, of which exceed by far those of any traditional casements windows, or even the large Spilka top swing variants that offer some of the largest possible.

We approached our Norwegian manufacturing partners for the “Olsen Lift and Slide door” and started on the design of an “Olsen lift and slide window”. We replaced the hardwood threshold with an engineered softwood to match the rest of the frames and mounted the sliding panel to the external leaf to provide improved weather tightness against the windows at the top of the building.

Our Forte has always been, and continues to be, our ability to take a project requirement and material specification, and to provide a solution based around existing proven products and techniques.

Lift and slide doors (and windows) continue to be one of the stronger strings to our bow, and as ever the beauty of Scandinavian Engineered timber products remain at the heart of many of the projects we continue to work in.

Matt Simpson


Penoyre & Prasad



Products used:

Timber lift & slide doors


Survey, Design, Supply